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  1. Hey Shizuka!! You think you can join another RP on here?? It's started by zyta!! You know it's going to be good. Just give it some thought. It doesn't seem that bad or that complicarted. ^^ Check it out for me 'kay? (I'm asking for zyta since he doesn't like asking people all that much)
  2. It's ok me myself I am busy with school finals, reviews, everyday events, and forum duties. I recently got recruited to a new forum as their moderator and project coodinator. So I am having to take RPs a bit more slowly. -sigh- These last two weeks have been extremely busy for me...
  3. I feel bad. Sorry for being gone so long. T_T Geez this summer is full of stuff I have to do. Is there still hope for the RP????
  4. Its ok I am busy myself...-cough- dang cleaning chores.
  5. Okay, I saw it but i was busy too I'll post later alright?? ^^
  6. Yo btw I responded to your post...sorry it took so long. I was busy busy
  7. I've launche a couple of RPGs over there years...but yea overall I mostly don't do RPGs I just join someone elses
  8. XD Thats how I can be!! I'll be thinking of a story then I'll randomly get another idea yhat just becomes this amzing idea of a story in my head!! XD I could never be in charge of an RP though. It takes lots of work and it just seems to much for me...T^T
  9. LOL its kinda this idea for the RP randomly popped in my mind while I was putting away laundry. I swear half of the story plots that I have either pop in randomly...or comes as I write XD. Most of the time I am winging the RPG...and never really have advance planning for anything XD.
  10. Done!!! Sorry!!! I'll check it tomorrow if the computer isn't being stupid!!! >.< I just want to know what could happen next. I love this RP!!!
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