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  1. Hurry Rennie! I am getting kicked out in like minutes...

    But, don't worry I will have the reply within tomorrow morning XD I check all the forums I go to usually at 8:10 before class starts.
  2. LMAO I basically live and breath on my computer XD. I have the laptop with me at school and home so most of the time almost 24/7...I do everything on here. My homework, read the newspaper, watch tv, anime, games, RP-ing XD

    =_=; But, the only reason is because I am very into asian I can't get these in the regular tv and radio. So I have to resort in getting everything over the internet.
  3. Me too!! >.< As long as you stay up and reply so will I!! I was going crazy without the computer! I missed RPing!!! XD
  4. I am getting really sleepy x_x; but I will stay till 11.
  5. I saw your's as well!!! *went to reply as well* XD
  6. LOL yeah I saw it a minute ago... - runs to reply- :3
  7. Done. Please read my post!! XD
  8. Hell yeah! To me it feels great to be RP-ing again...LOL I am born a writer...I am thinking I got this from my dad. =___=; That dude seriously is always writing...and etc. And okies Rennie!
  9. lolz really?? Well I've just got into RPing last, like I told you. Oh!! I'll have Touya post soon as well. He should make an appearance!!!XD
  10. Okies...I will be here for another 2 hours online...and omg you don't know how good it feels to be finally back into RP-ing. For some reason I just love love doing this XD...RP-ing in the forums is a lot better than RP-ing via IM...which I had been doing with a friend for a couple of years. But, it's not the same.
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