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  1. lolz =] so hows life?? anything new going on?? (blah blah blah xD need
  2. Good I'm glad you're better :3 (.......................buncha dots to amuse the spaces needed lol xD)
  3. its alright. im better now. im glad that its working again =3
  4. I'm sorry you feel like crap And sorry it took so long to reply my computer had a virus attack and I just now got it back up and running lol
  5. really. im glad to hear that. it is so hot i feel like crasp =/
  6. Thank you :3 I had a good time today (random cause of small post)
  7. aww. i'm glad to hear that everything is going well for you
  8. Well things are looking good so far and today is going to be great
  9. oh, okie.sounds rough. i hope you guys are going to be okie
  10. Well...things have gotten very very complicated and I've been really sad cause of that..but I think we'll be okay..
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