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  1. u were talking about i think im unlucky so i believe that im unlucky..which i agree wit u..i always feel cursed bt dats just me hehehehehe^^
  2. am glad u understand me but i have no idea wat i said hehehe ^^
  3. not really..its nt confusing..u r right tho...n i do feel unlucky 4 many reasons
  4. its not that ur unlucky its that u think ur unlucky so ur mind thinks ur unlucky which leads u to believe ur unlucky and give up...hehehe thats sound confusing even to myself
  5. idk really..i just hope i find a job...n im not lucky and i dnt think i will ever be ^^
  6. hehehe lucky!! ow and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! what r u gone do for ur birthday?
  7. wow..u bday is on da same day as valentine day ^^..well ima trun 18 on june 19 like next week..i cnt wait^^
  8. i just turned 17..well not just hehehe my birthday is on feb 14 so yeah hehe how old r u...its okay if u dont wanna answer^.^
  9. lol dats fine by me, hey is it ok if i ask how old r u?^^
  10. hehehe yeah i like love hina and family guy is a cartoon i think... i just mainshned the one i like cuz i cant decide
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