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  1. u should add some pics also!!! i will add my naruto ones.
  2. no its tyhe last day of school so ill be on summer vication.
  3. okay! its done!!! ^.^ i made a yaoi group hehehe
  4. wat do u mean ur last day till august? are u leaving or something?
  5. ur welcome but to day is my last day till agust.
    *these r my 50 characters*
  6. hehehe thx for telling me how! i'll create the group whenever i can! ^.^
  7. um yae its like a yaoi and u go to groups and there should b and opption to make one.
  8. no sowwy i never seen it a good movie or anime/manga?
  9. yeah i know but how can i make a group on here? idk how
  10. u no u should make a yaoi group i would so join!
    *these r my 50 characters*
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