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  1. thats cool have u ever watched the desendints(sp) of darkness?
  2. i used to like girls but well, i dated one and it didnt end up in a good, i just changed my thoughts about girls and went to guys..well i like guys better than girls...u can call me bi but am more into guys hehehe
  3. ni im cool about it. my aunt is gay so im just fine + 1/2 of my friends r but im not.
  4. hehehehe no its not weird for me to love yaoi cuz am gay first and i have a lover and my love life is like a yaoi manga/anime. ^.^ its kool if u think its still weird hehehe
  5. um hey i dont want to sound mean or any thing but i kinda think its weird that i guy likes male anime yaoi. im just saying. what u r strate(sp) right?
  6. hehehe okay ^.^ tell me wat u think about it, if u liked it or not
  7. thinks ill try to watch it.
    *these r my 50 characters*
  8. you should watch this movie. its yaoi..u'll like the couple. its...aww i forgot..o setsuai until chap or part 5 then go to bronze- zetsuai. they're a cute couple..its a nice love story ^.^
  9. good and yours. im hungry. yea i really only deidara and itachi yaoi though
  10. hehehe how r u? how was ur day? and i see u like yaoi.. ^.^
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