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  1. ohhhhh wow Corea.....that's far..... lol
    well hello and good bye
  2. That's because I live in Korea ^-^;; A long bit of ways from the states
  3. yes for the two things you said.........lo l
  4. Hm?? What do you mean I'm never here?? o.o you mean like I'm never on when you are?
  5. hajhjahjahjah ok sielent!........ so what happen? you're never here..........
  6. Hi Radeclew! And um it's Silent not Silence...Yeah ^-^;; The only reason mine has another e in it cuz Silent was already taken -_-
  7. ok I don't remember any of it.... but it is fine........ hello silence !
  8. She's basically saying that she was glad she checked on here cuz I had sent her a PM and yeah ^-^
  9. what the heck was she talking about? .
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