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  1. I understand completely. Thanks for the RP compliment. =D
  2. I already saw them. (:
    And I really like that opening of yours! Very good atmosphere you create there!
    I'm really happy that you think I'd be qualified to do something like that, but I have to decline. I might be online quite often at the moment, but this will change pretty soon, as I literally have million things to do.
    Additionally, I absolutely have no experience in doing something like that ... I'm happy if I'll even do my PC job right.
  3. All threads are up!

    By the way, I've been looking for people to moderate the RPG when I'm not around. Would you feel like doing that?
  4. Very well so. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Actually I'll be making all of the additional threads, I need to add some rules I've forgotten to post. Thanks for the consideration though.
  6. Jep, I already saw it. Great, finally. Now the OOC thread is to be made.
    I will make one as soon as possible, though I have to tell you that I'm quite busy at the moment. So it could take a while actually. I try to make it quick.
    Thanks for informing anyway.
  7. Hey.

    Just informing you that the Naruto RPG has been approved. Just make a bio and post it in the character list thread. Or if need be, PM
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