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  1. *squeals* OMG I love the squads!!! XD I was freaking out when I saw them!!!
  2. Well you know Kana already has her Doujustu activgated right?

    Hmmm....I haven't decied. I don't know what I want. Argh...this is going to be so hard. Should it be be c-ranked or d??
  3. Like the average starting jutsu for said clan.

    Nothing too over powered.
  4. How so. Like what do you mean?? :/
  5. Sure thing. Just make sure the jutsu you pick matches the ability of your character.
  6. Hmmmm.....idk. I'll have to look into it. I'll send you a pm tomorrow when I decide on one alright??
  7. I thought it would compliment your precognition abilitys well. Just a suggestion.
  8. Ino's??? Like one of her mind justus?? Hmmmm.....why Ino though?? Just wondering.

    Oh and night.
  9. No problem I figured do to your abilitys you'd have the highest chance of being the top in the exam. I suggest one of Ino's ability's. I'm out for the night though. Later (^.^)V
  10. WHAT??? I just read that!!! I wish you could have seen my reaction!!! XD I wonder which justu I should have first.

    You're so awesome though!!! Top in the class.....^___^
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