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  1. No problemo XP. You did graduate top of the class though, just a heads up.
  2. Okay I'll read it and post soon.........maybe XD
  3. Yepperz. You read my last post?

    It has some info you'd be interested in.
  4. So do we all change our rank to Genin??? :/
  5. Okay I hope I don't come in at a bad time since I had to go to bed. Seriously I didn't want to go but since it was a school night yeah.....
  6. Well basically the village is in mourning over the death of the Hokage. Also the black ops are looking for Uchiha Ziosin,a nd Inuzuka Ookami
  7. Okay what the heck is going on in the Naruto RP??? Sorry but I had to et off last night. I was really pushing past my bed time but I had to know what was going on....
  8. No problemo. PM it to me whenever you wan't.

    I have a feeling it's going to br good ^.^
  9. I shall pm you my character bio and see what you think of it alright??
  10. Well, maybe hyuuga? What fighting style are you aiming for?
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