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  1. I don't know...I do't like Uchiha......Ewww.... I just couldn't stand it!!! *sigh* This really sucks. I have no idea what clan and I even looked too....
  2. Do you think they have future-seeing ninja??? I doubt it.

    If you're worried about it, then suggest if anyone wants their own clan they they have to put more details into and extra work if they want that. I understand what you mean it would mess stuff up. I just don't think they would have a ninja like that. I've only heard of it once and that was in a Naruto movie. I think it was shippuden.....
  3. I'm sorry, but if I let players create their own clans, the game would become unbalanced very quickly. If you wish to learn about clan abilitys and etc I suggest
  4. We can't make our own clan?? That's a bit much isn't it??? I mean if I'm going to join then I'd have to make up my own clan since 1) I don't know any clan in Naruto that have this abilitie 2)it make it easier......

    Sorry but this is my own opinion......
  5. Erm, where is the bio sheet?

    I can't seem to find it.
  6. lolz If you want to join Paper Wings please post your bio in the OOC with the PW Character Sheets and await approve. Since we have decided who the ppl that are going to protect the pure maiden(me) I don't know if you'll be a good guy or not. Want more info me contact zyta. Thank you ^^
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