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  1. yooo skizz hows it going.... just thought id droip in and say happy thanksgiving hope you had a good one... well you take care bro and ill see you when you return laterz...
  2. yooo skizz just thought id drop in and say hi and see how you were doing? so hows it going with you skizz? if you dont mind me asking of course? hope all is well with you skizz... take care skizz and hope you have a nice day...bye
  3. hey skizz just dropped in to say happy holloween and hope you are ahving fun well bro ill see you around laterz
  4. yo skizzit hows it going? how was your weekend if you dont mind em asking. well see you arounfd laterz
  5. hey there skizzit nice to meet you and welcome to ao. i was wondering if you would like to be my friend if not thats cool well laterz and have a nice day
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