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  1. Hey, will you join my social group nya? Lol, no one has joined yet, shoulda figured though.
  2. Alright, ^-^. Nya. I look into it. Nyeow. =3 Thanks.
  3. It's an online comic. I think it's really funny. Just go to
  4. Lol, I have not ready MegaTokyo either. Is it a magazine or is it online? Nya
  5. Never heard of it. I should check it out. You read Megatokyo?
  6. Lol, yeah. Well, I haven't actually seen any good animes lately but at I've read up on Black Cat and Zombie Loan-Peach Pit. Wait, oh yeah, I've been watching Wolfe's Rain on youtube. Nya =3
  7. I'm good. Speaking of accident prone, I know someone very accident prone. When I hear "someone injured themselves on the Youth Trip." I ask "What did Tommy hurt this time?" and I get a "Well he..." You get the idea. You see any good animes recently?
  8. Lol, yeah, I know. I'm just danger prone, Nya. I always accidentaly hurt myself. Anyway. How are you?
  9. Wow O_o That is a weird way to hurt it. Twist it AND stab yourself. At least you went all the way... Hope you get better.
  10. No, nya, I fell down and it's hurt ever since. I tripped while I was walking with a knife in my hand and I fell, twisting my leg the wrong way and stabbing myself on accident. It went considerably deep but scabbed over pretty quick nya. >.<
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