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  1. actually your more then a few pages behind lol, yeah I know I had a hard time keeping up as well.
  2. Oh ya, I did. Sorry I didn't tell you. There are just too many people posting. I can't keep up with the posting (literaly). I make a post, come back and I am four pages behind in posts.
  3. did you quit playing the 'Pyschic University' ????? because I got another character in play, you should see his file lol.
  4. hey yo. found somebody you can go after lol, look on the character sheet, I've added another character.
  5. Well, it is more along the the lines of, "She likes his face, but not his long hair, and she is really hot headed (i.e. likes to fight)
  6. so? your character likes my character, but hates my character cause my character has long hair and so your character wants to destroy my character???
  7. Mars city 2 is up, thought I let you know about that.
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