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  1. Well, like I said. I am stuck on base. The only "local culture" I have is from the people that work here, and most of them are Indian.
  2. Well, that's good to hear... So the media we have here (CNN, BBC, al-Jazeera) is not being very truthful, I see. What about the local culture?
  3. The war? It is rater peaceful, where I am. That is probably because I am stuck in Camp Liberty. I repair the radars (they detect artillery, rocket, and mortar fire) so I am needed there 24/7 in case something happens. The most excitement I've gotten, was when a rocket hit near here not to long ago. Fortunately it was shot down before it could get anywhere.
  4. I greet you with a hearty hello! How fares the war in Iraq, comrade? Pardon my curiosity, but is it as the media depicts it... full of unrest and whatnot?
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