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  1. Well, I kinda play 2 servers. But they are bothe on the same server XD. I play legendRO and SagaRO. They are both kinda old, but the community there is funny. And guild wars are always goin on.
  2. =O what server do you play btw? I play Ryo-ro, its somewhat new and is in dire need of more loyal players.
  3. for me, its a bit different......
    RO,PS3,eat,RO,eat,PS3,RO......wait! I might have to use the bathroom in between then!!!
    But if you have RO and a xbox/ps3, sleep is no longer need,unless you have a job, like me v.v
  4. xbox, Ro ,eat, xbox, Ro, eat..."wait what about eating!?"

    "who needs to sleep when you have and xbox and Ro!"
  5. Are you serious?! I love the game!! I have like 12 chars on the the server I play XD
  6. =O, cool so you play ro too huh. SWEETNESS!! Atlast I've found someone that shares the love of ro as I do.
  7. Hey fellow RO player! Just comin by to say hi and seeing whats up. Well ttyl.
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