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  1. Mine came out really choppy, but I kept it for future reference. It'll help when I want to try again one of these days XP
  2. ha, i know i went through hell for days, and in the end i just threw it away....
  3. I never tried the ship. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much of a hassle.
  4. lol. i tried drawing the ship one time.. that was a horrible diaster...
  5. Suzuka is fun to draw. So is Melfina. Easier to draw than Gene anywayz XD
  6. lol. that castor gun is a pain to draw. i've gotten better at suzuka though.
  7. Lolz. I can draw Gene fine. But when it comes to doing an action scene, it comes out sucky.........blasted caster gun, can never get it right.
  8. cool. it waay too hard to draw though..god, i can never get Gene's eyebrows
  9. I dont have it. but my friend does. I watch almost everytime I hang out with him.
  10. i love that episode. Aisha as firecat! lol. i have the entire series, and i put it in sometimes for fun..
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