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  1. Yea! when Gene had to dress up like a girl and wrestle that beast of a woman? that was priceless how he loss.
  2. lol. did u see the strongest woman in the universe episode?
  3. Yea, Aisha was too for me XD. ALL HAIL THE CTARL CTARL!!!!! I love when she puts that into almost every sentence.
  4. Gene is so cool. i have the soundtrack, and the entire series. i miss it so much. Aisha was my first crush, lol.
  5. You have no idea how much I LOVE Outlaw Star!!!! Its my favorite anime hands down!
  6. ok, cool. i'll be sure t check it out on my free time. b t w, i love outlaw star. i miss it a lot.
  7. Here is the link. If you can bring friends. but if you cant, thats cool too.
  8. haha..i can get some more ppl to join too. which one is it?
  9. well its ok if you join, but other than me, you will be the only one there v.v
  10. lol, again?
    i'll join it if u want. i'm nice to everyone, so i dont know why people r mean,lol
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