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  1. of course they didnt, they were bitches XD. But mines isnt like that. I try my best to be fair. Hey I will be back in a sec. Imma go eat XD
  2. lol. i forgot how to do RPG. i hate all the rules, but in a way i'm kind of happy that the'yre there 'cause i went to this site for an anime, it was full of girls and they were all such bitches and didin't get banned or anything
  3. Its RP forum. I see that there is one here. But with all the rules and such, it becomes harder and harder to just have a simple 1v1 with someone else. So I made it for that reason. And dont worry about v-day. I doing it solo too.
  4. just planning being alone on valentine's
    what forum is it?
  5. Im good. Im trying to set up my forum, but its hard doing it solo XD. And how are you?
  6. me too. how are you today? (fifty character crap-ugh)
  7. we had snow like 2 weeks ago. but now it is starting to get warmer. I cant wait for summer to come along. I like the heat alot better than the cold.
  8. cool. i like NY a lot, but it was too cold...i guess i'm native to you guys have snow right now?
  9. I work in the bronx, but i live in queens...........
  10. yea, and everyone's always givin me hell about it. but its my body soo. lol.
    i don't want to get into it. i'm in LA.. what part of NY are u from?(i lived there for a month)
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