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  1. Wow. you drink wine at your age? Well I live in NY, so I shouldnt be too surprised XD
  2. lol. i love cheese...pretty much all i eat is cheese, chocolate, soda, wine and chips...
  3. wo, cheese? really? I never knew anyone with a appetite for chesse.
  4. really? no matter what i'd be skinny. i actually don't have a huge appetite..except for maybe cheese...
  5. thats exactly like me XD I can eat like 20lbs. worth of food, but I would lose like 2 lbs. the next day.
  6. lol. i feel manorexic..
    my friend eats like every 30 min, but he's so damn skinny its funny.
  7. lol, can not see my self not eating for like 2 days, or even 2 hrs. XD
  8. lol. i'm hungry too. i could go for like 2 days without eating, soo yea..i'm
  9. nothing, just at work and stuff, about to go eat. I missed breakfast, and I need to eat something now or i will pass out ><
  10. me too. lol. nothing, how about you? (fifty character thing again)
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