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  1. sweet. Thats good to hear. Goin to college and gettin your edjemacation (-education- XP) so how is college treatin ya?
  2. what me? nah, I haven't been able to get on a computer for while, so I had to do some work and stuff. now am here at this small college and I get on computer whenever I want lol.
  3. Im good. Im fixing up my forum while playin the arcade here. so what happened to you? did you get kidnapped or somethin?
  4. lol good man, how about you? I'm playing somebody at chess and they are taking way too long to move.
  5. wow. its been a while since I seen you online man. How have you been???
  6. lol. I say that because my comp is acting all fritzy ><. So it keeps going on and off the internet.
  7. So....your saying you can't find it, in the idea's where you posted your idea of 'all free tournament?' alright I'll send you link, if I can do this right lol
  8. Hey do me small favor please?
    Can u send me a link the RPG please? I cant find it in the forums >< sorry
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