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  1. i think so 2 .
  2. ok, thats cool. but like i said, u will like it ^^
  3. ok i dont think it wuz mean i just didnt no what 2 say
  4. i dont mean to sound mean, but its just more easy that way. but you will like tenchi, even though its pretty old for an anime.
  5. cause I dont want to type several paragraphs on it >< thats too much for me when u can simply just google it and see what it is 4 urself.........
  6. why dont u wanna tell me ?
  7. >.> you have never heard of tenchi?!? wow, thats a first for me. Just simply google tenchi muyo and you will have your answer
  8. whats tenchi ?
  9. i c ur online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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