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  1. good laughing is a healthy thing 2 do stay happy keep lauhging!tehe
  2. Lmao, you come bothering me, and then you ask me who I am? Lolz, that actually made me laugh irl XD
  3. nobodys martin who r u????????????????????????????
  4. lol w/e XP. but who in the hell is martin? I dont know any1 by that name
  5. 1-well to bad its true
    2-no but im wannof martins friends
  6. 2 things:
    1- no i didnt. That attempt=fail
    2- do i know you???
  7. heyo im not i virgian any more and im only 14!!!!!.........SIKE BUT I BET U BELIVED ME LOL HAHAHAHAHAHHA
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