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  1. lol, I can relate to that. But even though thier sense of mins is out there, they only mind to do right by you ^^
  2. i guess i sound really harsh, but i don't know sometimes they make me so mad.
  3. my parents think like that too. when they say that i see it as a joke. to my parents are two no bodies trying to make my life pointless, but i've learned to deal with their stupidness.
  4. well, Im my parents house, I thought I could get extra money if I did stuff like that, but all they did is laugh at and said that y give you extra money for doin stuff that you should do on impulse. since we pay the bills, you should clean the house that WE paey for. XD
  5. i get it for a reason, i clean the bathroom and wash the dishes. and cleaning the bathroom is really a job for me cause i've got a bad back.
  6. *SIGHS* I miss the days when all I had to do is wake up and get money for no real reason >.> good times......
  7. well right about now my parents are giving me 20 a month sometimes 40 if I'm lucky.
  8. Same here. But my pay is complete garbage >.< but hey, its better than nothing.
  9. wish i had a job. i'm so sick of being broke.
  10. Nope, I am at work. I really dont get out until 4pm, but imma try to ditch out early.
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