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  1. Haha, yea, i started seeing it on Gaia, so i tried it out here. Pretty soon Akura13 and I started talking about it, and I think she converted a few other people. And so the cycle begins again haha.
  2. LOL, thats true. I saw a number of people with it, including you. So i was like "It looks interesting. Nothing wrong with trying it." Besides, I love dragons, so not doing it might make me die or somethin XD
  3. I'm just chilling, putting some more of my dragons on the site again. It seems I turned you onto the idea as well, haha.
  4. Whats up Neo. Just passin by to see whats the what with you.
  5. wow, and I thought I had it bad >.> well, at least it will turn out for the best.
  6. that's depressing. i'm a bus boy XD i just sit around until a table walks in. i know the feeling. un fortunately i am unable to post.
  7. I am a computer technician. But this is the basic part of my day. I come here and post until I get call from a customer. But since I am kinda new here, I don't get calls too much v.v
  8. and the world keeps on spinning, friend XD

    ah well. whatcha do for work?
  9. cool, lol, you are at school, and I am at work, go figure XD
  10. nothing really. i'm at school atm, so normally i'd still be asleep. lol.

    whats up? nothing really, just bored and posting.
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