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  1. yea I actually do. You trash his/her car, then spray paint BE NICE on the windshield

    (not recommended) XD
  2. it's okay just having a rough day at work (sigh) any idea how to teach a boss how to be nice. lol
  3. Oh. Then I apologize for that. I didnt mean for you to take it the wrong way. I will not ever say that again ^^
  4. the dying thing. sorry but i don't like that kinda joke. not the whole no gf thing.
  5. Hey, i will be right back, time for my lunch break
  6. what wasn't cool? The whole dyeing at work, or me not having a GF??? LOL, sorry, i didn't mean to make fun
  7. not funny Sol Kun! hug sorry i like giving hugs**not a very nice joke
  8. If that is the case, then I can die here with no worries, since I do not have a girlfriend v.v
  9. Your funny. lol just try to balance it out is what i am saying i don't think your girl friend will like it you spend more time at work than you do with her.( don't know if you have one but this is if you had one.)
  10. ha! easier said than done. I am more than likely going to die in this room from all the work I do v.v
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