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  1. its ok,about the whole diet thing, just try not to bring yourself down when Im around, ok ^^?
  2. I like your profile pcture better, it fits you better, well, to me any ways ^^
  3. question Sol Kun, what avatar do you like best the mermaid ( what i have now) of the one i added on my profile pic
  4. hey sorry. Komenosai, i was thinking out loud because am on a diet and well pizza is one of the stuff i need to lessen.
  5. no you are not pathetic><(dislikes it when people put themselves down). Please don't talk like that with me, it really makes me aggravated v.v
  6. waah (sob) pizza and i am on a diet (cry) now i really am pathetic
  7. sorry, i was on my lunch break ^^ I had soooooo much pizza ><
  8. are you still on? lol ***poke!*** hmmm well i'll check the other posts
  9. sorry, was only teasing. but i do enjoy talking to you i mean aside from you and divine and darkangel i think but they've been pretty busy and hardly catch them online.
  10. Ha! out of all the girls in AO, you are the one that I talked to the most, bar none. So me being a flatterer is the last thing I am lol
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