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  1. Flaterrer! * rolls eyes** yeah i bet you say that to all the girls in AO lol
  2. When it comes to me dodge ( i remembered you other alias XD), you are NEVER a pest. So dont feel that way. And you look sooooooo cute when u blush XD
  3. Lol now that makes me think am a bit of a pest. (blush)
  4. lmao. awwwww, I feel so special ^^ besides knowing that you were going to be on, i cant see why i shouldn't be on ^^
  5. Ohio! You're online i thought i wouldn't have anyone to bother today. lmao
  6. Good night Sol Kun, and have a great week end. **pat your back** work is work but health is important
  7. lol you know whats funny, even though you gave me a cyber hug, a kinda felt that XD
    It's official, I really need to go and sleep LMAO
  8. ** here is a hug in case you need one and don't over tire yourself you might get sick. **
  9. where I work at, rest is for the weak. I will get off in about 2 hours or so though V.V
  10. ***argh****then you should rest you're working too hard didn't you get any sleep?
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