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  1. well, you really didnt miss too much. It was kinda boring without you here v.v

    But may I ask you a question? Why did you ask me to call by phoenix or dodge, when I always call you by phoenix or phoenix-chan?? I was just a little confused about that
  2. thanks! Sol kun. so did i miss a lot yesterday? am still trying to catch up on everything
  3. sure, I always call you by phoenix, so I will stick with that.
  4. lol hey sorry was in training yesterday no pc allowed. lmao kinda hard since i love this site. am okay you? can you call me pheonix or dodge?
  5. Phoenix-chan!!! *Tackles* I missed you ^^ How are you doing?
  6. LOL yea I was on a roll. But hey, one of us had to do it XD but dont worry, i did it for the both of us XP
  7. Arigato Sol-x. i see you have been pretty busy at the boards lol
  8. Don't worry Sara-chan, its ok. Ive been kinda busy myself. And you will make make better sigs than that 1, trust me ^^
  9. hey sol kun how are you? sorry have not been stopping by. hope to talk to you soon and thanks for the sig vote the others are soo good i doubt if i can learn to make a better one as fast as they do.
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