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  1. hey you're online lol............... what you been upto huh?
  2. its a girl. I was talkin with her last night, i made a joke and said what if we name her Sakura? Now she is thinkin about that XD
  3. that is good to hear a baby is always a you know if the baby is a boy aor girl yet?
  4. Well, She is due in about 3 more months. I cant w8 for my baby to be born ^^
  5. no wonder you've been like gone.... so when is the gf due? it's exciting to have a kid at home......
  6. yea..........I gues you can say that..............^^
  7. lol well at least you weren't that lonely..... happy week end i hope?**** i read your reply to a thread and child to be .interesting you've been pretty busy................
  8. lol not really XD. I just roam around aimlessly til some1 talks to me.
  9. i am okay i see that there are others who are keeping you company.
  10. Oh, sorry! I am multi-tasking some things at the moment >.< But Im doing ok. and how are you doing?
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