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  1. well, i have been moving around so to speak. Living from to day. But I am doing well. I am glad you are as well.
  2. i missed you too ....hugs...been dealing and well trying to move on....over some guy who like kept me a secret and then i found out was like dating others .....but am okay.....i hope you are okay? or well? what happened to you?
  3. Hey Pheonix-chan. Sorry for the absence. As they say, life hits hard without warning. But how have you been? I missed talking to you ^^
  4. SOL_X!!!!!! took you so long to like log in what you been upto
  5. lol****well am trying to think of a good story line for a new rp........any idea?
  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i feel so loved XD. i miss you too ^^. * hugs*
  7. lol busy as always work and you know where**** missed you **hugs
  8. ohio phoenix chan ^^! nothin with me is goin on right now XP. what are u up to?
  9. Ne Sol Kun!!!! what you upto? huh? lol***************
  10. *is tackled* owww! but since u r the one doing it, its ok ^^
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