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  1. lol funny Sol kun ! flaterer! lmao.... missed you by the way ! ***tackles***hahahahha
  2. LOL. I am glad that I have you as a friend too^^. you are a cool friend to have.
  3. i am glad i have you and Z as friends but not too loud lol!
  4. Of course I did!!!!! Every time I sign on, I look for you first ^^
  5. Sol Kun!!!! lol ohio! haw you doin? huh? did you miss talking to me?
  6. u know u can call me anytime u like. but it seems that U cant reach me but later on in the day, I will call ur cell. so if the number i gave u pops up, then u know its me
  7. Ohio! Sol kun! how was the week end!hope all is okay is it a bad time to call you this morning?
  8. awwww I feel special lol. But if it makes u feel any better, I'll beat the guy up a bit, only if u want me to......
  9. *********am wishing now that the guy was more like you or Z ***********don't know really
  10. No, there is nothing wrong with you, u shouldn't feel that way. If was the guy who was messing up right now, I would beat myself up everyday, knowing the fact that I messed up the relationship, seriously.
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