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  1. i know it is what i do to remind myself almost everyday right now **starting to feel sad again***maybe something is wrong with me
  2. And thats how you should think. He is the one who is missing out, not you XP
  3. ***smiles and hugs back*** nah am trying to get over the guy if he can't make up his mind bout me then it's not my loss lol****
  4. awwww, u shouldnt be crying v.v *gives hugs* And i didn't mean to make u blush. But if it makes u smile, then its worth it XD
  5. blush ***well the one in the gallery was taken after a good cry and yeah i was sleepy but the one in the album was taken by my sister. giggles you're making me blush **flaterer!
  6. Yea, I saw them. You look like you just woke up late in the afternoon when you did those pics XD j/k U look nice, as always ^^
  7. Hey did you see the pic i uploaded on the member gallery? like it ? it was taken on a bad hair day lol and basically a bad day.
  8. Just saying no lies lol.... and i don't expect you will just telling you i hate liars.
  9. Me lie??? Now why would I lie? And to you no less? You are too cool of a person for me to do something so mean.
  10. You know there are only a few people i call really friends some of them has been nice and kind to me since i joined ao and some i am getting to know really well lately and i am glad you are one of them just don't lie lol
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