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  1. Awwww, that's so sweet ^^. I feel so loved XD. But I missed you too Phoenix-chan <3
  2. Lol ! mandatory lol funny guy you know i don't demand that i was just kidding you Sol kun . but i did miss you lots.
  3. oh c'mon. You know that I am always happy when I talk to you. Its just that I was waiting for a new phone for some time now, and now I finally have it XD. You should know that I will always do a happy dance when I talk to you^^. It's kinda mandatory now LMAO
  4. Sol kun no happy dance for talking to me again? just the phone? *************joke just kidding ********** nah am glad i was able to talk to you
  5. i joined lol. its kinda like ao but starting out and cool too.
  6. (dances for joy) I got my new phone!! (Does a happy dance)
    It looks cool. What kind of forum is it??? I'll join it only if you did.
  7. thanks. . . i heard a friend here say that. hey have you checked this?
  8. Well, whoever broke your heart is an idiot. They are missing out on a cool person^^. And I will look into the RP and see what I can do. And don't cry. I cant stand to see a girl cry.
  9. hey you can still post on the thread the haven't done anything you your characters on the rp?
  10. you could say a lot happened got my heart broken again (cry) am so stupid when it comes to guys things
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