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  1. well, I missed you more. I really missed talking to you......
  2. am okay a lot lol! i did miss you my friend
  3. hello Phoenix ^^. Sorry for my absence..........lots has happened while I was gone...... so how have you been???
  4. Hey have you been. sorry i havent been on for a while, really busy as of late. I gotta go now. Hope to talk to you soon...............
  5. Hey Sol kun long time no see miss you lots.hugs
  6. Lol i was gonna ask coz i am online through my cell phone a lot there.
  7. why, yes I do have a yahoo. Do you want it? (Even though I don't use it a lot v.v)
  8. wow coolies. do you have yahoo?
  9. Oh! gomen, I was spacing out, music and games will do that to me lol. And it is a happy friday, cause I get to leave work at 10:30 ^^ * does a happy dance*
  10. hey you you've been quiet ? anything wrong? happy friday i hope
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