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  1. hello sol how are you doing today so far? i hope everything is going well and i hope to seak to you soon gentle breezess cassy.
  2. thanks but i'll pass i'm just very stressed out right now and i don't know why well ttyl cassy.
  3. hello i'm home you can call at anytime ok just not at mindnight ok cause i will not be up at that time ok hope to talk to you soon cassy.
  4. you can call at six or seven here ok talk to you soon cassy.
  5. ok that is fine ok the time here is 4:24 pm in aearziona were do you live if you do not mind? me asking my freind.
  6. thanks sol evrything is ok just tried from work and i'd do anything to get myslef back to the way i normal am so if you'd like to call just call (928) 852-0674 ok i'm here ttylcassy.
  7. lol that's cool but mike i like that name it is a good name but i will reffer to you as sol as you requested trust me i know what you mean talk to you soon my freind cassy.
  8. lol that is my real name all my freinds call me cassy or cat that is who i am and hello back
  9. hello my freind i thought i pop by and say hello and see how you are doing ttys cassy lol.
  10. i'm doing ok just really sad i have to much stress on me right now and i have a feeling that it is going to take a while until it goes away and that is bad news for me not really bad but just bad but why is your work treting like crap?
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