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  1. I, right, yeah, I found it lol...and I left a comment too! Even if it was random, I really liked it! ^^
  2. Random poem'll find it easily me thinks :P
  3. Eh? Where??? I wanna read it~! I bet it's really good! ^^
  4. New poem I randomly wrote while listening to 5th intro of Bleach
  5. Oh, I deffinatly am! I love all of them! Plus, some of them I can relate to, which makes me like them even more! ^^
  6. Why thank you ^^ I'm glad that a few people are still reading through my old thoughts from time to time
  7. Well, I do remember that one time I PMed you about that poem I had...I've been getting better...@.@

    It was about your Poem you made, and I really liked it, so yeah! Plus, I really like all the poems you've made, especially Eternal Calm! I do think all of them are very wonderful! ^^
  8. I wonder why you wanted to be my ''friend'' on AO. Care to extrapolate?
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