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  1. Looking forward to it.
  2. I shall after the meeting I have planned this Wednesday where people will give their opinion on the ups and downs of the convention. I'll be able to tell you from an exterior standing point of the experience in addition to my personal one
  3. Post your experiences!
  4. *survived the convention thingy and got 250 visitors*

    *keeps my fingers away nails because of your animation*
  5. Kill me...not kiss me ^^'
  6. "nearly kiss me each time"!?
  7. You really should take down that creeps me out and nearly kiss me each time!!!!

    Oh, and check the thread that I just made, or I shall curse you and turn you into an innocent young child filled only with positive thoughts....somehow!
  8. Just imagine what kind of sound it makes.
  9. Why do you have to keep that damn finger and nail up..........gah......ewwwww......ish.......*dies of chlling thoughts*


    EDIT: Good thing you can't add sound to it
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