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  1. Damn religion loophole to explain everything without proof!
  2. lol dude weird
    aiyah aiyah, the true overlord of cheetos needs no proof, just the essencense of the fact that his awesomeness overrules any pictures of ur cheetos.
    i can call forth a fountain of cheetos an a mountain of WOW-ness-ness's of cheesiness.

    lol now mortal work that out in ur mind.
  3. I'm still waiting to see the proof of your rights of being Overlord of the devine Cheetos
  4. Mwahahahahaha, till then victory is mine ^^
  5. lol well give me awhile to get pictures, ive been really busy at work =(,
  6. Now hurry up and show me what kind of Overlord you are made of in the Gallery! And don't forget to direct me to the pics or I might not notice them
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