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  1. oh 4got to mention prom too looking for a dress and
  2. just chilling in childhood education and being a library aide and being confused in phyics.
  3. Organizing anime cons and offering guided tours in an old and secret society, and you?
  4. hey I hadn't spoken to u for a while so thought I'd say wats up and see how life's treating u.
  5. u must really love ur job it sounds you must be getting paid to do something like that.
  6. The convention is about many things. Be it watching anime, having panels about various subjects, having people cosplay, regroup and discuss about mutual interests, a masquerade where people can show their costumes off and do skits to win prizes, and generally there are guests from the anime buisiness that sometimes pop up and such.
  7. whats the convention about or for?
  8. Too many things to tell them all, but I can say that I'm helping to create an anime convention in good old Quebec City.
  9. hi, since its been a minute thought i'd check u out. so what's been up?
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