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  1. pretty laid back. I hardly did anything important.
  2. oh. well, that was going to be my next question. ^ ^ how has you day been?
  3. well yes and I have to move too which is what I'm working on
  4. oh. I understand. she lives in england right now, correct?
  5. not sure yet there is still a big thing that has to be taken care of first before we can set a date
  6. I did. but I didn't know if that was still final. when's the wedding?
  7. well duh thats why we are getting married

    I thought you knew that already
  8. *smiles* that's so good to hear. I'm really glad you found her. I can tell you love her. ^^
  9. Of course I would never let her get away

    We've been together for over 2 years now
  10. oh, that's cool! good luck with that. hey, are you and your girlfriend still together?
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