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  1. I'm good too. tomorrow I'm gonna see about a training program that finds you a job when your done.
  2. um... I've been doing pretty well. I've been recently trying to find a job. and yourself?
  3. thank you...

    how have you been these few months?
  4. well, that's good you got a new one. and I see I have made my return just in time to see you back. it's great to see you.
  5. alot better. I was gone for months since my laptop died and I had to get a new one. but I'm good now
  6. hey. I have returned. How have you been? (........................)
  7. I will eventually I always tend to find something to do.
  8. same here... smae here. I'm playing Civilization 3 on the comp now. *hugs you* I hope you find something awesome to do.
  9. Its alright

    I'm alive, tired, and bored out of my mind. How about you?
  10. hey we dont talkmuch any more do we? lol. prolly my fault. been really busy. so how's my buddy?
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