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  1. you should be her friend...

    she's flippin awesome
  2. well, she supervises the chat room. and I'm in there a lot. so, I wouldn't say we're friends. I've seen her around. you know?
  3. Ah so you do talk to her? or am I just reading that wrong?
  4. lol. sorry. I didn't know. well, in that case, I'm in contact with her alot. lol
  5. ooo I'm telling the mods on you

    you forgot her name
    in this place she is known as Sazzy
  6. yeah. it was cool. I got over the drama, so I'm good. lol. I wanna know how you and your girl are doing. ^ ^what's her name again?
  7. that sounds good except for the last part but things happen
  8. Band Camp? where did that come from? lol No, It's just a week long Christian camp for teenagers. It was so much fun. there was a lot of drama from the girls in my cabin though. lol. and a bunch of rumors going on about me thanks to this punkface I met. but, overall, it was fun. ^ ^
  9. I didn't know you were at camp
    was it band camp? or some other kind of camp?
  10. hey. I'm just letting you know, I'm Back From Camp!!!!! yeah!!!
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