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  1. then the artist is not very well known.
  2. an artist is only as great as the people who enjoy their work
  3. I bet the artist isn't really and probably thinks its one of their worst pieces of work.
  4. nope the artist was awesome and my favorite of all time
  5. it does make a good sig..... too bad it was by a crap artist.
  6. lol thats a great message baby

    and this Rave fellow seems like he'll be a pedophile when he gets older
  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  8. hmmmmm the first thing that came to mind was me ****in but I think I'll go with my fiance
  9. ok I will give you a hint.. the first word is 2 letters. the second word is 6 letters long
  10. M and F? what would that be exactly? I have no clue
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