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  1. Darling thinks me as a loser! oh noez~!!

    ^o^ tee hee~! you made a shirt that said "BAD" on the back... tee hee~! you're so silly~!!
  2. That's okay. And I won't call you a loser.

    tell me when you're done with everything
  3. we can go soon, just trying to find a good Lucky Star pic to make a sig for animevector... is that okay?

    (>__< ) don't call me a loser!
  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww~~ You're so sweet. ^u^

    But no, that sounds too cocky.
    Anywho... when do you want to go?
    What have you been up to?
  5. well, you don't have to worry about the rules since you have money...

    maybe your name could be "Perfect"... since that's what you are to me~...
  6. Yes I do like how colorful they are... I especially think it's cute whenever you use rainbow colors.

    Not sure what my name would be yet...
    ... maybe something... totally realistic and not absurd...
    ... something that makes people understand who I am and take me seriously...
    ... something that everyone can understand and relate to...
    ... something easy for people to remember...
    ... something unique yet delicate...
    ... something like...

    Seto Kaiba.
  8. don't you like how colorful all my posts are?

    ^o^ like a rainbow
  9. AW~!! Darling, you're so sweet!

    ^__^ my name might be Puppy~!

    maybe your's could be like... KAGOME!
  10. Rock'em-Sock'em-Robotville!

    Ummmmm....... I'm not really sure yet. I'm sure it'll come to me once I'm asked.

    Oh, and just for your sake: I won't name myself SoshiKitai... despite how wonderfully creative and unique and so-not-on-every-game-I-play it is.
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