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  1. Pssst... you have to make a This or That question on your post in the thingy. ...
  2. Oooh~! Gun magazines are pretty cool.
  3. or take a Coke, it's basically the same thing in her fridge!

    Dad's on the phone with a telemarketing type, not sure what he's trying to sell... gun magazines?
  4. That's silly.

    You should totally go to her fridge and take one of her beers.
  5. Nope, she does not~
    :P still rude to be so against sharing~

    ^o^ but i told her we'd come over to use her microwave to make her all jealous~
  6. That's coo. Does she have her own oven or not? If she does, that's kinda' rude.
  7. ish okay!

    am getting clothes and stuff together...
    mom left to drop Grandma off at church, but she left a while ago, thinking maybe she went with Shari somewhere or to the store...
    would call, but i think she left her phone here...

    ^_^ feel bad "ditching" her, ya know?
    but will be ready soon, will try calling and if no answer, will just leave a note saying "Bye" or something~

    ^o^ oh! and Brenda cooked! she barely shared with us (even though she was using our stove), but i did score some Mac'n'Cheese!
  8. Hey hun. Sorry about that, I was spell/grammar checking my entry.
    Another long entry means a lot more spell-checking.
  9. Hey Darling! i'm online! turns out the computer fixed so that's why it's running so nicely!

    how are you? clothes are almost done, BTW
  10. Darlin omg i love you miss you cant remember how i got to the On Point Kings thing this phone is confusing am waiting for mah dad cuz the kids went home early he should be coming soon im hungry I LOVE YOU
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