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  1. *giggles* i'm sorry Babe!

    but the fire card = AWESOME!

    >o< and where's where you made Aceman laugh? been trying to find it~
  2. Psh, no.

    After winning in that long-ass game, all I got new was a stupid sea-hag card... + a fire-cape accessory for my character.

    The cape's cool, but still... :/
  3. tee hee! i'm sorry they were really slow at the "imma get ya" game~

    get any good cards?
  4. Yeah yeah, maybe later.

    ...I swear, in Culdcept they just kept keeping each other + me down! They weren't even making any bold moves, so we weren't budging for the longest time!
    It was the longest stalemate in the world! AAAARGH!!!

    It was annoying. D:
  5. aw!! i'm sorry babe!
    ^o^ at least you actually played Culdcept though~

    oh, and yes, now you have to do a bio page!
  6. I just had the longest Culdcept battle ever...

    Stupid people kept bullying me in the game.
  7. Had to.
    Everyone was postin' all these pictures there and I felt left out in the pictcha' fun.
  8. left a comment on the "Where you sit in class" picture!

    ^o^ super glad you posted it~
  9. Luv'ya 2~!
  10. i know Sweets, just letting you know!
    should be leaving about now, love you~
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