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Sloth in a box! :D
He's jes travellin'.
He too coo to climb right now.

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Apr 22, 2009, 02:31 PM
Pictchas from the net
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Soshi Kitai

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  1. EmoNightmareRose
    Is it rascist that the face reminds me of Buddha? i hope not..
  2. Soshi Kitai
    Not sure if it's racist to think someone looks like a specific someone.

    'Sides, when people think of Buddha, they don't think of a race - they think of a religion. ...and rubbing bellies.
  3. Pyro Psycho
    ....... uuurrg ... D:

    They scray me so so much ....
  4. missbad818
    its amazing how ugly it is when it becomes an adult and it was so cute when it was a baby. but he looks high if u ask me.
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