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  1. Well, I've been really sick for about a week. I'm much better now.
  2. Doin' good.

    We have the same icon since we're on the same clan in the Groups section.
    ... funny thing is, we're the only members of that particular clan.

    It's sort of just a private chat area for the two of us since most of the people on this site don't have the same humor and "conversation-culture" as we do. ^^;
    It's a lot faster and easier to read inside the clan than having to go to our individual profiles to post or PMing each other.

    PS: How've you been? Haven't seen you 'round the sexy clan in a while.
  3. Hey Soshi, how's it going? Hope you're doing fine. How come you've got the same user icon as one of your commenters?
  4. Ah right, of course, writing always works.
    Several posts within the poetry/fanfic/etc sections always works.
    ^^; Haven't done one myself, really.
  5. Sensory Pleasures? I'll ask Gallcomp next time she drops by, she might know a thing or two regarding the, um, loophole.

    As for Debate and Discuss... Well, maybe some other time. I've read a few threads there, and it seems the people there just keep talking past one another, with neither side winning arguments. Of course, those in the wrong just keep refusing to be convinced, I think that's why.

    Regarding shortcuts, I was thinking maybe I could brush up my composition and write some original fiction. What do you think?
  6. Literally, the easiest way to do it is just to post in the Cyber Lounge. Most Cyber Lounge topics are fairly easy to reply/relate to. And it doesn't take a giant paragraph to explain them.
    (Just make sure you don't revive any topic too old... that's against the rules as well)

    Debate&Discuss area takes wayyyy too long to respond to. @_@ But it definitely has topics that have a lot of back&forth activity.

    Sensory Pleasures, now there's a good section. An admin once told me that the "reviving dead topics" rule doesn't apply there. Not sure if that rule still is set, so you'll have to ask a mod if you want to be sure.
    As long as it's any form of media, you can make TONS of topics in the Sensory Pleasures... and responding to some of them usually doesn't take too long.

    ... ^^; I got my Veterancy the long and hard way, don't know of any shortcuts. Sorry.
  7. Nope, it won't be porn. The occasional pic with the provocative pose? Maybe, if I can find one that might be good enough for the guys.

    Oh, and I'm interested in getting a journal those elite members have, yet it'd be tricky to reach the minimum post count without breaking the rules. I have a few ideas, though I'd like to hear yours first.
  8. Always welcome. Cinlilly always complains that we don't have enough sexy images.
    As long as it isn't full-blown porn, it's always allowed.
  9. Well, I guess I'll help out with putting the "sexy" back in the clan, then. In a wholesome way, of course. Would pics of beautiful women do?
  10. Goin' goods.
    You'll meet some other sexy clanners later on. A few others post at least once a week. It's practically the only place they post now.

    The clan's all about....... well........... casual-ness, I suppose.
    Originally made for "all things sexy", the veteran members inside the clan just decided to talk about whatever the heck they wanted to talk about.
    A grand clan, if ya' ask me.
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