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  1. We'll do!
  2. Oh... okay.
    Well if you ever do in another dimension, be sure to tell yourself to!
  3. I never actually played it or own it, so ...

    But thanks anyway. <:
  4. *poof*
    Not sure if you still play DoW or not, but seriously, if you've got Dark Crusade and you ever want to try a mod...
    THIS mod is THE one you have to try:

    Just wanted to say.
  5. Definitely. Entering the thread doesn't make you HAVE TO race.
    Just enter which date you'd be easily available, what time, time location (standard time), and we'll see if we can all adjust our schedule accordingly.
  6. Alright.
    Well, I would have to know the date as to when you are planning to hold the tournament. As I said, my finals are thursday the 25.6. There's a festival going on just the weekend after the finals. So I'd be available starting the 29.6 ... :/ I'm kinda busy these days.
    And then there's the problem with the time.
    Anyway, you suggest I just join up in the thread and see how things work out then?
  7. Yeah, I knew you were busy studyin'.
    Don't worry though, the topic's up in my journal so people can negotiate what time we should start.
    People simply post when they're available and we all try to put a schedule in... sadly, there's a few missing entrants, and those entrants are the ones with the most complicated schedules (you're one of them )... most of us already participating don't have confusing schedules, we're just waiting for the ones who do.
  8. I certainly plan to do so. However, it's not granted that I will have time.
    First of all if you are planning a tournament starting at 8:00 p.m. according to this board's time it's 05:00 in the morning in Austria. And 05:00 a.m. is a little late or way too early, depending on which way you put it.
    Plus, did you already mention when the tournament will be held? As I already said, I have final exams this week and next weekend there's a festival where I'll be going to.
    So I would really like to join, but it's not sure if I can.
    Sorry that this answer come a tad late, but I've been busy studying. @_@
  9. Yo laps! Are you gonna' enter the MKWii tournament?
  10. *accepts request*

    Ha! :P
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